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KICK START Fitness Challenge!


How to win!!

The challenge starts on January 25th and ends February 23rd. The pre fitness testing will be performed a week prior to the start date and post fitness testing done no later than a week after the end date. Both fitness tests must be conducted on-site or online by a certified instructor. To join the challenge, each participant will pay a $50 registration fee which goes into the prize pot! And for new and current members, this registration also gives you access to our fitness and Taekwondo classes during the 30 day challenge at our academy. Participants will earn fitness points during the challenge based on their pre and post fitness test (see details below). We will award 1 male + 1 female winner! Winner takes home a portion of the prize pot. 

How to earn fitness points!

There will be a pre and post fitness test. We will compare the pre and post results to determine your overall fitness score. 

Points will be earned in the following categories:

  • Body Weight – 1 point per 1lb lost

  • Body Comp/Body Fat % - 1 point per 1% lost

  • Sit-up Gains – 1 point for every sit-up gained (1-minute interval)

  • Push-up Gains – 1 point for every push-up gained (1-minute interval)

  • Burpee Gains – 1 point for every burpee gained (1-minute interval)

  • Squat Gains - 1 point for every squat gained (1-minute interval)


How to improve your losses/gains with Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

  • Fitness

    • 30 day access to fitness and Taekwondo classes with registration

  • Nutrition

    • Personalized Nutrition Plan

    • Meal Builder

    • Shopping List


Once you have registered for the challenge you will have access to all the tools to help you succeed. Tools like: at- home workouts, customized nutrition plans, meal builder, and a shopping list. Just click on the button below. 

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