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special programs

Ages 5+

Have a birthday party jam-packed with FUN activities,
fully organized and supervised by qualified staff,
that will make it a HIT!

tkd birthday parties

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business & corporate seminars

Practical Self-Defense teaches valuable defensive and safety skills in order to prevent and survive incidents of violence. Self-Defense training promotes confidence, self-esteem, and leadership. Employees who are capable of protecting themselves are more confident and have the ability to remain calm under pressure. Self-defense training is excellent for building workplace unity and enhancing teamwork. Our training program is a fun and informative workplace activity for your employees as a well as an investment for your company.

business & corporate seminars

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Ages 14+

Do you know a group of women that would like help to learn some self-defense skills?  If so, you should set up one of our SHARP (sexual harassment and rape prevention) seminars for them. It is a great way to give them some basic skills and the confidence to defend themselves.  We use real world techniques and easy to learn self-defense moves in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Great for moms, students headed off to college and all women who would like to feel safer in the world we live in.

women's self-defense


Ages 4+
home school groups

Let us provide the physical fitness requirements to your home school students. Special classes, times and discounts are available.


Get in touch today to find out more!

home school groups


Invite an instructor to share Taekwondo

with your peers at school. 

We will discuss the 2000-year-old history of Taekwondo, show you some Stranger Danger skills and Taekwondo basics and have an awesome time!

show & tell

boy scout & GIrl Scout

The scouts have a lot in common with Taekwondo such as respect for ourselves and others and the world around us. 


Let us teach your troop some great self-defense, the power of a positive attitude and determination and have a great time with some new Taekwondo skills.

scout groups

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